Miller - Basic Roofing Kit With Microloc and 50' Lifeline



The Miller® ReadyRoofer™ Kit is a complete fall protection system in a convenient waterproof bucket for easy transporting and storage.


- Versatile, reusable roof anchor installs on steep-pitched or flat-surface roofs
- High-strength rope lifeline combats ultraviolet rays
- Compact trailing rope grab offers hands-free operation for maximum freedom of movement and locks instantly to arrest a fall
- Lanyard with shock absorber reduces fall forces
- Lightweight harness for all-day comfort and dependability


- One reusable roof anchor with attachment D-ring (RA15-1) and screws
- Polyester/polypropylene rope lifeline
- MicroLoc™ compact stainless steel trailing rope grab
- 3-foot polyester webbing lanyard with shock absorber
- Polyester webbing harness with mating buckles (or tongue buckle leg straps) throughout
- Waterproof bucket