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Where Do You Get ANSI Compliant Headwear?

If you work in a location where there is a possibility that you can receive a head injury from falling objects then you need to wear protective headgear. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) if you work in this type of area you must wear a hard hat. And, that hard hat must meet the standards set by the American National Standards (ANSI) and it must be OSHA approved.

The type of ANSI compliant headwear you need depends on the type of protection you require for your workplace. The level is based on the amount of impact protection you receive by wearing the headwear.

Where Do You Get ANSI Compliant Headwear?

Many employers provide this headgear in order to make sure their employees are compliant. If employees wore their own headwear, there's a possibility that they may not have a hard hat that meets the criteria established by ANSI and OSHA for the workplace.

If you decide that you want to purchase your own hard hat, there are many retailers who sell them. You want to make sure you purchase headwear that meets the requirements for your job.

When Do You Have to Wear Your Hard Hat?

According to OSHA rules, you have to wear the hard hat whenever you are in your work environment, even if you are not in danger from falling objects. So, even if you feel that there is no reason to wear the hard hat, because you are in a safe place, legally, you still need to have it on.

In fact, there are other reasons that OSHA states a person may be required to wear a hard hat. So, if your employer says that you must wear compliant headgear in a certain area, then you must wear it.