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What You Need To Know About Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are used in health facilities and food industries to maintain proper hygiene. The gloves are also used by chemists to protect their hands from chemicals that can harm or injure the skin. There are latex gloves that over the hand till the elbow while there are others that only cover the palm and the wrist.

Latex Gloves
Shorter latex gloves are usually used in the medical setting and for domestic purposes. Longer gloves, on the other hand, are used for handling hazardous chemicals such as when spraying pesticide and handling malevolent chemicals that can cause skin irritation and skin damage.

Longer latex gloves are made of thicker latex to ensure maximum protection from harmful substances. The gloves have helped those who work in industries exposed to the risk of handling toxic chemicals as it protects them against various kinds of health risks.

Some latex gloves are powdered while others are powder free. All types of latex gloves provide an added gripping to the situation but it is the powdered type that is easier to put on and remove.

Benefits of using latex gloves
-Provide high level of protection when working with body fluids or chemicals
-Resistant to tearing, ripping or punctures
-Can be worn for long durations as they are not restrictive or constricting
-They are sterile and can be used in operation theaters and treating outdoor patients
-They are durable
-They provide maximum comfort and flexibility

There are various sizes of latex gloves available- from small, large to extra-large. It is a good idea to choose gloves that fit your hand and provides a comfortable fit. You should also ensure that the latex gloves hold tight onto your skin as this will reduce the chance of damage to the glove. It will also lessen the chances of spreading contamination.