XSORB Plus Super Encapsulator 2 Liter Bag - 6/CASE

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Instantly contains and absorbs liquids on contact by turning difficult liquid waste into solid waste for easier disposal. Absorbs tough spills such as motor oil, grease, bleach, cooking oil, and syrup, as well as industrial spills such as emulsified oils, biologically hazardous waste, toxic waste water, and hazardous materials.
Sweep spills away, leaving surfaces spotless.
For grocery and chain stores, tire and lube centers, as well as industrial, commercial or home applications.
Also for use by oil refineries, nuclear power plants, haz-mat response teams, facilities using hazardous or toxic chemicals, and others.
Cuts disposal costs by producing less weight and bulk than other absorbents.
Approved for solidification of contained liquids prepared for landfill disposal.
Non-leaching. Absorbs up to 14 times its weight.

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