V-Masks Reusable Personal Mask Solid Color (1-Mask)

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Breath Cleaner:

The same study showed that cotton-blend fabrics stop up to 70% of all particles as small as .02 microns in size (the size of COVID-19). The cotton blend masks were able to stop 70% of all particles compared to the non-reusablesurgical masks at 89%.

When compared to other types of fabrics, it has been determined that the cotton-blend fabric is the best option to be worn long term. The breathability factor (3% better!) than surgical masks allows you to go with your daily routine without struggling to breathe. It makes breathing easier, while at the same time protecting you from dangerous particles!


– Easy to Breathe Thru
– Up to 70% Filterability at .02 Microns
– Up to 74% Filterability at .1 Microns

All Sizes are ADULT sizes

7 Colors Available:

- Navy
- Gray
- Red
- Royal Blue
- Light Gray
- High Viz Orange
- High Viz Yellow


Cotton-Blend Fabric:

Our masks are made to order in our factory in Commerce, CA. They are made out of a breathable cotton blend, which doesn’t restrict breathing and can filter up to 74% of particles as small as .1 microns. Our personal facemasks are reusable and designed for long term use and comfort.

According to Research done at Cambridge University, cotton blends are one of the top 3 products recommended to make reusable breathing masks out of. The others being vacuum cleaner bag material (not reusable) or dish towels.

Care Instruction:

The mask needs to be hand-washed with cold water. 
Tumble dry  one minute 
Do NOT machine wash

Please note that due to fluctuating inventory in the fabric markets due to the current crisis, we might substitute colors in the future.

High Viz Face Mask comes in bright colors that allow you to indicate that you are being safe and safe to others.

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