Sqwincher 64 Ounce Liquid Concentrate Bottle Electrolyte Drink

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Flavor: Grape
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Similar to our powder mixes, all that Sqwincher's Liquid Concentrate needs to deliver great-tasting hydration is water. Whether you need hydration for one or for the entire crew, you can pump or pour our electrolyte boosting concentrate into a cup or cooler of H20 and let nature do the stirring.



- 50% less sodium than most sports drinks.
- 50% more potassium than most sports drinks.
- No salty after taste.
- Several great tasting flavors.


- Sqwincher is the only electrolyte drink specially created for the high heat environment of the industrial workplace. Sqwincher is scientifically formulated to replace important mineral salts and fluids lost during vigorous physical activity.

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