Brady 15" X 150' SPC SXT Top Layer Blue And Bottom Layer White 3-Ply Meltblown Polypropylene Perforated Double Sided Heavy Weight Sorbent Roll, Covers Wide Area Perforated Every 18"

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Brady® 15" X 150' Top Layer Blue Bottom Layer White SXT® Light Pad with absorbency of 18 gal/bale absorbs petroleum-based liquids. High performance pad features 3-ply construction with spunbond coverstock on both sides offer durability, low linting and extra strength for wringing and re-using of sorbents. Pad has perforations at every 18" that reduces waste and is ideal for food processing, hi tech industries, machining of small parts, paper industry, pharmaceutical. It finds application for overspray leaks and drips, workstations, drums - liquid storage, outfalls and discharge ponds.


A dimpled and perforated absorbent with spunbond coverstock on both sides for durability with very low linting
3-ply (SMS) construction and Oil Only Meltblown Polypropylene
High performance, oil only sorbent made to handle petroleum-based spills
Remains intact even when saturated
Spunbond coverstock on both sides offers: Maximum durability and very low linting, Both abrasion resistant and non-abrasive performance - ideal for workstations involving the wipe down of tools or component parts, The extra strength required for the wringing and re-using of sorbents
Perforated to help you use only when you need - reduces waste


Food processing
High tech industries
Machining of small parts
Paper industry

Product Attributes

Product Type
» Sorbent Roll

Size Description
» 15" X 150'

» Blue, White

» 18 gal/bale

» Oil

» Polypropylene

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