North By Honeywell 845 42 lpm Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus With 5 Minute Aluminum Cylinder

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North® By Honeywell Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus with polycarbonate lens renders an average of 42 lpm of airflow for 5 min and has a lightweight cylinder made of aluminum for durability. Lightweight cylinder is refillable, while the polyurethane hood can be detached for cleaning or replacement. Air flows onto the lens through a deflector to minimize fogging. A highly transparent carrying bag is used to find an emergency situation for safe and comfortable operation. It is NIOSH/MSHA certified.

Provides an average of 42 lpm of air flow for five minutesvendor-unknown
Hood made of durable polyurethane
To minimize fogging, a deflector blows incoming air onto the lens
The cylinder is lightweight and refillable
Provides safe, comfortable, emergency protection for workers in many industries Transparent hood provides superior visibility After use, the hood can be detached for replacement or cleaning High visibility carrying bag speeds locating the apparatus
Product Attributes

Brand Name
» 845™
Product Type
» Escape Breathing Apparatus
Air Flow
» 42 lpm
Air Supply Time
» 5 min

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