ResQMe Keychain Rescue Tool

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ResQMe is a unique portable safety device that goes on your key chain. This innovative tool allows people to escape from being trapped in vehicles. Inspired by the LifeHammer, ResQMe is a revolutionary hand-held rescue tool that is amazingly powerful despite its tiny size. Because it goes on your keys, no installation is required and it’s always available at your fingertips!

ResQMe goes where you go and provides real peace of mind to every motorist.

Note: By buying ResQMe in pink colors for people you care about and for yourself, you will potentially save lives on the road and will also provide hope to the ones fighting against breast cancer! For each sale, $1.00 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

These donations will help save lives through early detection and by providing free mammograms for those in need.

- Breaks safety glass
- Cuts jammed seat belts

Perfect for:
- Daily commute
- Travel
- Road trips
- RVs
- Rental cars

The ResQMe is reusable. The ResQMe spike resets automatically and can be used multiple times. The blade is extremely durable and can easily perform multiple seat belts cuts. All is to ensure maximum performance!

The ResQMe is Made in the USA and crafted with the highest quality materials used by safety professionals. ResQMe attaches to your keychain with a detachable clip. Pull the clip away from the product to reveal the cutter (blade). Hook over seatbelt and pull. To activate the window breaker, simply push the black head against a side window until the concealed spring-loaded spike releases and shatters the window.

One of the best ways to try the ResQMe is on a thick padded object, like a magazine or notepad. ResQMe is tested and approved worldwide by many public safety organizations such as police departments, fire fighters and paramedics. ResQMe is also awarded for its uniqueness!

Public Safety
ResQMe™ [2 IN 1 Keychain Rescue Tool] has quickly proven to be must-have rescue tool for police officers, SWAT teams, Paramedics and firefighters around the world. This essential safety product is specifically designed to assist officers while on and off duty and to make their job safer. ResQMe™ is the best alternative to batons, knives and any other heavy tools available on the market.

Striving for excellence we continue our dedication to innovative quality and safe products. With a great vision to enhance safety awareness, ResQMe™ continuously endeavors to work with industrial companies (automotive, pharmaceutical, insurance, finance, petroleum, manufacturing and construction companies) who demand the best in quality and performance. Quality materials and craftsmanship have been keys in building trust in our name - providing peace of mind when it matters most.

Corporate Market
Beyond traditional promotional products, ResQMe™, made in the USA, is a quality product that is innovative, functional and most importantly, memorable. ResQMe™ is designed to fit any promotional need. Its ingenious function and its innovative design make ResQMe™ one of the best choices for corporations requiring to make an impact in their new product introduction, in their incentive, loyal and reward programs as well as their advertising and promotional campaigns.

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