Pro-Stat Electrolytes Tablets

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Electrolyte tablets help minimize fatigue and prevent muscle cramps and heat prostration due to excessive perspiration.

Film coated tablets

Calcium (from calcium carbonate) 10.4mg

Potassium (from potassium chloride) 40mg

Magnesium (from magnesium oxide)12mg

250 Tablets per box

Electrolyte Tablets - 125 2-Packs - 250 Tablets Per Dispenser Box. Active ingredients per single dose 2-pack: potassium 41.6 mg, calcium 10.4 mg, and magnesium 12 mg Active ingredients per >single tablet: potassium 20.8 mg, calcium 5.2 mg, and magnesium 6 mg Note: The above is the Manufacturer description, however, we think it is helpful to advise that these are packaged as 125 two-packs, this is the industry standard description & packaging as the recommended dosage is 2 tablets, so they are packaged in convenient single dose packs (125 x 2 = 250 tablets).

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