PowerFlex 80-813 Gloves

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The first glove to combine high levels of flame resistance, arc flash and cut protection in one comfortable, ergonomically designed product. The PowerFlex 80-813 gloves provide exceptional protection for workers with EN 407 Level 4 resistance to flammability, Arc Hazard Level 1 and ANSI Level 4 Cut Protection. The exclusive composite yarn in the PowerFlex 80-813 has a glass fiber core that provides a high level of cut protection while dissipating electrostatic charges. All components of the glove are inherently flame resistant, not chemically applied, therefore maintaining their protective properties throughout the life of the product—even after multiple launderings. All of this protection is in a glove so comfortable, workers will want to wear it all day. Comfortable ergonomic design that grips in challenging environments. The exceptional ergonomic fit and comfort of the PowerFlex® 80-813 is achieved through Ansell’s patented KVSD technology (Knitted Variable Stitch Design) and D3 pinky design. KVSD technology releases knitting tension in high stress areas, reducing hand fatigue. Our D3 pinky design allows for improved fit due to its anatomically tailored design. The unique, soft coating provides excellent wet, oily or dry grip properties and is flame resistant, yet pliable enough to maintain flexibility and comfort.


- The materials utilized in the glove are inherently flame resistant, providing protection for the entire life of the glove, even after multiple launderings.
- The PowerFlex 80-813 glove provides Arc Flash Protection up to a Hazard Category Level 1 rating.
- High level cut protection provides the ability to handle sharp parts and materials with confidence, increasing worker output and security.
- Ansell’s ergonomic design, based on patented technology, provides superior comfort, dexterity and flexibility, increasing worker acceptance and safety compliance.
- Thin 13g knitted liner with DuPont Kevlar greatly increases productivity and compliance by providing workers the ability to manipulate small objects such as wires and bolts without removing their gloves.
- Special, soft foam coating ensures a secure grip in wet, oily and dry environments, reducing slippage and tension in the hand.


- Electric & Gas utilities
- Petrochemicals and refining
- Oil refining
- Mining
- Resource manufacturing
- Construction

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