OccuNomix - One Size Fits All Blue Regular Cellulose Sweatbands

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Description: Regular Sweatband
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Regular Sweatband - Cooling, absorbent, dry sponge sweatbands provide cooling relief. Just dip in cold water to soften, squeeze out excess water and wear. Deluxe Sweatband. Cooling and absorbent. Just dip in cold water, squeeze out and wear. Deluxe style features fine porosity, is thicker and more absorbent. Deluxe Clip On Sweatband Cooling and absorbent. Attaches to hard hat and all types of headgear with cable style ties. Affixes with rubber band.

  • Product Type: Sweatband
  • Material: Cellulose
  • Hat Size: One Size Fits All
  • Color: Blue

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