North - Northflex-Cold Grip Winter Gloves

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Size: Medium
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NorthFlex Cold Grip represents a new generation of cold-conditions gloves that provide a highly comfortable feel as well as superior insulation. It is ideally suited to tasks where workers need protection from the cold, but don’t want to give up comfort and dexterity.

- Seamless brushed synthetic liner and nylon outer - liner provides superior insulation from the cold
- Recommended for temperatures down to -15ºF (-26ºC)
- Stretchy and form fitting design offers a high level of comfort fit and dexterity compared to traditional gloves
- PVC coating extends to the knuckles to provide liquid protection
- Coating is foamed to give excellent dry and wet grip
- Glove retains flexibility, even at low temperatures
- Launderable for added value and longer life
- Cuff over-stitching is color-coded by size to aid sorting after laundering.

- Construction
- Transport
- Cold Storage
- Snow Clearing
- Forestry

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