North Butyl 15mil Glovebox Gloves Hand Specific

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Note: These are Made to Order gloves. Please allow a 14-45 day production time.

North Butyl Glovebox Gloves have the highest resistance to permeation by gases and vapors. Butyl provides the highest permeation resistance to vapors and gases, as well as exceptional resistance to a broad range of toxic chemicals, making it the only suitable glove choice for many critical applications. Butyl also has a soft and flexible feel, even at low temperatures, which reduces hand fatigue and enhances worker comfort. Solvent based, multi-dip manufacturing process provides multiple layers of polymer (like a glove within a glove) which results in a glove of superior quality.

- Complies with USDA and FDA regulations, 21 CFR, for use in food processing

- Glovebox operations in the nuclear, defense, pharmaceutical, biotech, semi-conductor and manufacturing industries. Particularly suited to applications involving highly toxic chemical hazards, such as chemical weapons.

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