Non-woven 3-ply Medical Face Mask with Ear Loops

GD Care


- 3 Layers pleated design
- Fluid resistant
- Concealed PVC nose piece
- Latex free
-Available blue only

- Provides an excellent protective barrier
- Made for the best comfort and feel
- Easily breathable
- Helps to prevent the spread of diseases and infections

Physical Dimensions:
1. Length: 175mm +/- 5mm
2. Width: 94mm +/- 3mm
3. Length of nose piece: 85mm -130mm
4. Earloop band dimmension: 190mm +/- 10mm

Physical Properties
- Earloop strength at break: >10n
- Visual: Clean in the surface, no stain, trim sewn edge
- Filtration Efficiency: >N95

50 masks per box (only 40 for black)