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MSA Ultravue Series Full Face Air Purifying Respirator

SKU : MSA482008
MSA Ultravue Series Full Face Air Purifying Respirator
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  • MSA UltraVue Black Respirator Facepiece is made of silicone to provide a custom fit while adding stability. Respirator provides strong, quantitative fit tests, our full line of specially modified facepiece assemblies offer quality construction and accurate responses. It is equipped with a sampling line and a clothing clip to hold the sampling line. It features a built-in probe assembly, which feature solid brass probes. It is used for asbestos abatement, welding, sanding and grinding.


  • Facepiece assemblies offer accurate responses
  • Probed facepiece features built-in probe assembly with solid brass probe and brass fittings


  • Asbestos abatement
  • Painting
  • Sanding and grinding
  • Firefighting and rescue

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