MSA 9.25" X 18" X 0.098" Clear Polycarbonate Elevated Temperature Visor For V-Gard System Frames With Anti-Scratch And Anti-Fog Coating (5 pairs)


SKU: MSA10115846

High-performance molded polycarbonate (PC) visors designed for use with V-Gard System Frames. (5 Pairs)


- Thickest visors on the market; helps prevent warping, cracking and crazing, especially when working in high heat (not for use in radiant heat hazsards)
- Available in both clear and green tint
- Maximum UV protection
- Wide, longer design for improved resistance to impact and splash hazards
- Molded PC for superior optics
- Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings on select models
- Select models accommodate cap-mounted earmuffs


- Confined Space
- Food/Beverage Processing
- Painting
- Sanding & Grinding