Microflex Nitrile Nitron One Lightly Powdered Disposable Gloves - Case Size X-Large

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Designed for industrial use, Nitron One Nitrile gloves are completely latex-free to alleviate the potential for adverse reactions to natural rubber latex protein. They're thickest at the palm and finger approximately 6 mil average thickness for increased protection where its needed most. These gloves are textured for a secure grip in wet and dry conditions. Blue ambidextrous gloves have a beaded cuff and are lightly powered with absorbable cornstarch, USP. Non-sterile; Non-Medical use only.

- Thickest at the palm and finger for increased protection where you need it most
- Fully textured for a secure grip in wet and dry conditions

- Automotive Industries
- Industrial Safety

Case Quantity: 10 boxes per case / 100 gloves per box

- Color: Blue
- Length (mm): 245 ± 5
- Cuff Thickness (mm): 0.11
- Palm Thickness (mm): 0.14
- Finger Thickness (mm): 0.18
- Tensile Strength (MPa): 18
- Elongation (%): 500
- Powder Mass: Max. 10 mg/dm²

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