Brady Red Impact Modified Nylon And Polypropylene 480/600 V Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lockout

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Brady® Red LOTO-14 Polypropylene and Impact Modified Nylon 480/600 V Clamp-On Breaker Lockout accepts lock shackles up to 9/32" Dia and works on a wide range of single-pole as well as internal-trip multi-pole breakers. Breaker lockout uses patented thumbscrew design to easily install and does not require screwdrivers. Lockout is securely tightened onto switch tongue and cover is pulled over thumbscrew as well as lock to prevent clamp from being loosened. Rugged lockout features cleats for use with breakers along long, sliding switch throws.


Extremely versatile device, works on a wide range of single-pole breakers
Use thumbscrew to clamp lockout securely onto switch tongue, then pull cover over thumbscrew and lock in place to prevent clamp from being loosened
Blade design provides tighter grip with less torque on thumbscrew
Accepts lock shackles up to 9/32" in diameter, and comes with detachable cleats to expand the range of applicable breakers

ANSI Z244 OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147

For use with lightweight padlock with shackle up to 9/32" diameter

Product Attributes

Product Type
» Lockout

Body Material
» Nylon, Polypropylene

» Clamp-On Circuit Breaker

» Red

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