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Justrite 20" X 18" Gray LDPE Disposable Bucket Liner With Twist Ties

SKU : PL-JTR26827
Justrite 20" X 18" Gray LDPE Disposable Bucket Liner With Twist Ties


Justrite® Disposable Bucket Liner for Smoking Recepticles are special laminated aluminum/poly liners that make cigarette butt disposal cleaner and easier than ever! Once the burn resistant liner is full, simply use included twist-tie to close and discard. No need to "shake out" nasty butts and ash. Fits any bucket 11-3/4" (298mm) wide x 10" (254mm) high maximum size. When used with Justrite's Elite™ or Original styled Smokers Cease-Fire® smoking receptacles, the system is FM approved


Disposable Bucket Liner for Smoker's Cease-Fire® and Elite™ Smoker’s Cease-Fire® Butt Receptacle, burn resistant, Pack of Ten with twist ties
Optional Disposable Bucket Liner eliminates the need to “shake out” nasty butts
When this special burn-resistant liner is full, simply use the twist ties that are included and discard it
Burn resistant
Fits Smoker's Cease-Fire® And Elite™ Smoker’s Cease-Fire®

Twist Ties
Product Attributes

Size Description
» 20" W X 18" H

» Gray

» Aluminum

Product Type
» Disposable Bucket Liner

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