North Size 8 Grip-N Hot Mill Glove With Nitrile "N" Coating On Both Sides

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North® By Honeywell Grip-N™ Natural Hot Mill Glove of size 8 with nitrile "N" coating on both sides are made of 100% cotton that offers comfort and added sturdiness. It is ambidextrous that enhance value and thus more cost-effective. Gloves increases the gloves cutting resistance and contact resistance. It is designed for handling sharp and heavy parts. It is applicable in automotive and part manufacturer, glass industries, paper, iron and steel industry.

Provides protection against intermittent heat up to 400° F
Nitrile “N” design, palm coating provides excellent grip and longer life
Knit allows for air to flow, unlike cut/sewn hot mill gloves
Available with extended cuffs for added wrist protection
Steamproof version has a three layer design; inner layer of cotton, protective steam layer and outer coated layer for safe grip
Recommended for protection against intermittent heat up to 400° F (204° C)
Product Attributes

» Natural
Glove Size
» Mens
» Cotton
» 400
Cuff Type
» Wide Knit Wrist
» Abrasion, Tear

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