Bradley On-Site Portable Gravity Fed Eye Wash Unit With Wall Mount Bracket

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Bradley® On-Site® Gravity-Fed Eyewash counteracted from impact resistant plastic has bright yellow for high visibility in emergency situations and durability. It contains wall-mounting bracket, universal identification sign and inspection tag. Self-contained eyewash unit is ideal designed to use in areas without water supply. It has yellow pedestal and black pull-down arm counteracted from impact-resistant and chemical-resistant plastic renders durability. Refillable eyewash tank has 7 gallon capacity with stainless steel bracket to provide durability. Removable tank assembly can be used to flush eyes for 15 min at a minimum of 0.4 gpm by using only 7 gal of water allows you keep a glance when its time to clean or refill the tank. It has sturdy pedestal with hinged eyewash tray that pulls down in one quick motion and stainless steel clamps hold tank to pedestal to render durability. Transparent tank is inverted onto pedestal by piercing a liner. Tank renders 60 lb capacity when it is filled and 3.5 lb when empty. Pedestal supports the eyewash tank with activated water flow when arm is pulled down. It has waste nipple for 1/2" ID tube. Tank measuring 12" X 22" X 9" is constructed from transparent yellow polycarbonate renders tremendous durability. Pedestal measuring 13 1/2" X 22" X 18 1/2" is constructed from opaque yellow polypropylene with a black polypropylene pull-down arm renders durability. It meets American national Z358.1-2009 standard.


Clear tank allows easy fill level check
Three mounting options; Wall, Bench Top or Transportable Waste Cart

Complies with ANSI Standard Z358.1-2009
Universal identification sign Inspection tag

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