Sanitex - Disposable Vinyl Gloves, Powdered - Case

Life Guard

SKU: LG-2192CS-S

This package contains 100 non-sterile gloves by weight. These single use gloves are mainly comprised of premium synthetic PVC. You can trust Sanitex vinyl gloves for superior hand protection because all of our vinyl gloves are made from the highest quality virgin PVC. Our gloves are powdered with absorbable dusting powder, USP cornstarch for easy donning and removal. Great for premium food service.

- Pre-Powdered
- Non-Latex
- Non-Sterile
- Non-Medical
- Disposable
- Lightly Powdered
- Industrial Grade
- USDA accepted

- 3.5 mil. thickness
- Orientation: Ambidextrous
- Cuff: Rounded bead
- Color: Natural Clear
- 100 gloves per box
- 10 boxes per case

Available in sizes X-small to X-large