North by Honeywell 2X NorthFlex Oil Grip 13 Gauge Cut Resistant Black Nitrile Palm Coated Work Gloves With Dark Green Seamless Nylon Liner And Knit Wrist

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North® NorthFlex™ Oil Grip™ MicroFinish® Size 11 Dark Green High Oil Grip Nitrile Palm Coated Work Gloves have a propriety coating that affords abrasion resistance and exceptional grip on oily or wet objects. Work gloves feature MicroFinish® surface which is textured with microscopic pockets that discharge fluids and provides immense surface contact between glove and object. Gloves have two stage coating which is impermeable to liquids and 13 yardstick seamless nylon liner is flexible which enhances wearer comfort. Launderable long lasting gloves find application in machine and automotive assembly, machine operation and materials handling.


Light nitrile coating with advanced MicroFinish® provides abrasion resistance and exceptional oil grip
The MicroFinish® surface is textured with thousands of microscopic pockets that disperse fluids and allow a high level of surface contact between glove and object
MicroFinish® goes beyond foamed finishes to provide oily grip that is unsurpassed
Two stage coating is impermeable to liquids, so that hands remain dry
Light weight 13 gauge seamless nylon liner and a coating that is soft and flexible, make for an extremely comfortable, form-fitting glove
Cuff over-stitching is Color coded by size to aid sorting after laundering
Launderable for added value and longer life

Soft and flexible double dipped Nitrile coating Excellent handling properties due to the thin liner Liquid proof coating keeps the hands dry
EN 420-2003 EN 388-2003

Any tasks where oily materials or surfaces are encountered, such as machine and automotive assembly, machine operation and materials handling.
Less grip pressure is needed while working in oily applications

Product Attributes

Brand Name
» NorthFlex™ Oil Grip™

» Textured

Glove Size
» 2X

Glove Weight
» 13 Gauge

» Nylon

» Nitrile

» Black, Green

Cuff Type
» Knit Wrist

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