Ansell Size 10 White Barrier 380 - 410 mm Non-Woven Lined 2.5 mil Five Layer Laminated Film Hand Specific Chemical Resistant Gloves

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Ansell Barrier® Size 10 Non-Woven Liner White Hand Specific Flat Film Gloves are made from 2.5 mil five layer laminated film for the broadest range of chemical protection and are opted when the chemical hazard is not clearly identified. 380 - 410 mm Gloves in wing-thumb, hand-specific design offer greater dexterity with reduced hand fatigue and feature a proprietary seam-fusion technology for a secured seal against chemicals. Comfortable gloves supporting to wear for extended periods are ideal for handling ketones, acids, alkalis and salts, specialty chemicals, strong organic solvents and for hazmat work. They are applicable in aircraft assembly, graphic arts, printing cleanup, chemical processing, oil refining, petrochemicals, chemical plants and transportation applications. They are also used in aerospace, chemical processing, military, petrochemical, police and fire industries. Gloves are sold as 6 bags per case each containing 12 pairs.


Proprietary seam-fusion technology provides a secure seal against chemicals
Wing-thumb, hand-specific design provides greater dexterity and reduced hand fatigue
Comfortable to wear, even for extended periods
Can be worn as a liner under heavier gloves

ANSI Abrasion Level 1 ANSI Cut Level 1 EN374 ABC EN374

Chemical Processing
Police and Fire
Aircraft assembly
Chemical plants and transportation
Chemical plants and transportation
Chemical processing, oil refining and petrochemicals
Graphic arts and printing cleanup
Handling acids, alkalies and salts
Handling ketones
Handling specialty chemicals
Handling strong organic solvents
HazMat work

Product Attributes

» Non-Woven

» Film

» Abrasion, Cut

» White

Glove Size
» 10

» 380 mm

» 2.5 mil

Brand Name
» Barrier®

Glove Type
» Hand Specific

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