Brady Universal Plus Chemical Sorbent Pad

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Chemical Sorbents are specifically designed for use on hazardous chemicals and aggressive fluids. Color-coded green, the universal safety color, Chemical Sorbents can be used and remain effective on a wide range of hazardous and aggressive fluids, including hydrofluoric acid. Like all 100% polypropylene sorbents, Chemical Sorbents are chemically inert, dustless, wringable, unaffected by temperature, flame resistant, will not rot, mold or mildew, and when incinerated will generate less than .02% ash. Universal Plus Sorbents HAZWIK Soc’s and Pillows ITEM # DESCRIPTION PADS UN1113 11" x 13", 50/bag, 4 bags/case Handy refillable dispenser box UN1719 16" x 20", 100/case Now perfed ROLLS UN1019 15" x 150', 2/bale 2 rolls, convenient width, now perfed UN3800 30" x 150', 1/bale Blanket big areas, now perfed BOOMS UN510 5" x 10', 4/bale Lint-free land boom UN810 8" x 10', 4/bale Larger, lint-free land boom PARTICULATE UN1201 12 lbs/bag Easy to use, no dust Hazwik soc's are the dependable, flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids.The choice when chemical resistance is critical. Hazwik Soc's deliver excellent performance against aggressive fluids. They are also wringable and incinerable and contribute to cleaner and safer work environments. Hazwik Soc's mold around corners and conform to uneven surfaces to prevent and soak up spills and drips. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SOC'S HAZ412 3" x 4", 12/case HAZ124 3" x 12", 4/case Absorbent Slikwik pillows meet a variety of cleanup and safety needs. Frequently combined with drip pans, these pillows are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces. Your choices include Oil Only pillows, used in waste troughs, coolant tanks, fluid reservoirs and sump wells; AllwikTM, for absorption of oil, water and chemicals; and Hazwik, intended for use with hazardous materials. ITEM #DESCRIPTION HAZWIK HAZ1818 18"x 18" 16/case HAZ99 9"x 9" 32/case


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