Ansul® Model CD05A-1 Sentry® 5 lb BC Fire Extinguisher

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ANSUL® CD05A-1 5 Pound SENTRY® 5 Carbon Dioxide Hand Portable Extinguisher with wall bracket operates effectively at the temperature range of -40 to 120 deg F. Extinguisher measuring 19" X 7 1/4" X 5 11/32" has 5 1/4" OD aluminum shell that is lightweight as well as sturdy. Portable as well as compact extinguisher is simple to operate and maintain. It has maximum effective range of 6' and discharge time of 10 sec. It contains non-conductive, non-corrosive and clean extinguishing agent. It protects areas where class B or class C fires occur. It can be utilized indoors where winds and drafts will not affect discharge or where a clean extinguishing agent is needed. Extinguisher is perfect for electronic equipment, municipal fire departments, low voltage electrical equipment and laboratories applications. It allows non-slip holding and quick activation with easy grip handle. Unwanted discharge of the extinguisher is prevented using ring pin and visual seal. Visual seal self-destructs if extinguisher is tampered and makes detection of tampering easy. Metal ring pins helps to avoid accidental discharge if the extinguisher is dropped or mishandled. Extinguisher comes with name plate that gives information related to the use and care of the unit. It features operation instructions with easy to follow pictographs, agent identification and fire class rating, after use instructions. Extinguisher comes with special red powder paint finish for easy location in an emergency. Red paint offers resistance to cracking as well as chipping. It is UL listed.


  • 6 year warranty
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Portable, compact design
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive, clean extinguishing agent leaves no residue
  • Lightweight aluminum shell also available
  • Both steel and aluminum models are available in 5,10, 15 and 20 pound sizes (2.3,4.5,6.8, 9.1 kg)
  • All models are UL listed
  • Aluminum models are also ULC listed
  • Temperature range: -22°F to 120°F


  • 6 Year Warranty
  • UL And ULC 5B:C
  • USCG Approved


  • Laboratory
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
  • Municipal Fire Department

Product Attributes:

Attribute Value
Product Type Fire Extinguisher
Model CD05A-1
Capacity 5 lb
Extinguisher Agent Carbon Dioxide
Extinguisher Rating 5-B:C
Fire Class B:C
Material Aluminum
Size Description - 7 1/4 in W X 5 11/32 in D X 19 in H
  - 5 1/4 in OD
Trade Name Sentry®
Discharge Time 10 sec
Range 6 ft

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