18 oz Terry Cloth Gloves

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Size: Mens Large
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Most terry cloth is made with cotton because the absorbent fiber gets stronger when wet and it can be sanitized in very hot water using strong bleach and detergent without harm. Terry cloth is usualy made with looped pile because the loops act like a very small sponges. Looped pile is also better able to withstand the strain of rubbing, pulling twisting and tugging by the user. Loosely twisted loops are softer and more absorbent than tightly twisted loops, which produce a rougher fabric. Long pile is more absorbent than short piole. Terry cloth is most absorbent when it has loops on both sides. Cotton can absorb up to 27 times its own weight in water.

> Cotton/Polyester blend
> Provides maximum absorbency
> Provides comfort and warmth
> Resistant to cut, slash, abrasion and heat
> Durable
> Domestic, seamless, reversible pattern

- Automotive and general appliance industries, heating and air conditioning manufacturing, metal stamping operations, ceramic plants, bakeries and other applications requiring moderate heat protection.

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