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North By Honeywell Adaptec Safety Glasses With Wide Size Black Frame And Clear 4A Anti-Fog (10 Pair)

North By Honeywell Adaptec Safety Glasses With Wide Size Black Frame And Clear 4A Anti-Fog (10 Pair)


Setting out with a new approach to safety eyewear, North by Honeywell wanted to create a product that would fit everyone - no matter their gender, ethnicity, or facial features. After completing a landmark eyewear research study, the company poured everything it learned into the development of the North Adaptec eyewear. The result? An adjustable eyewear system that can be worn by the widest range of workers and still deliver excellent protection, superior comfort, customized adjustability, premium optics and a stylish look. One Style means simplicity of stocking and ordering as well as consistent usage by workers. Three Sizes means the right protection, improved performance and optical clarity for everyone in your workplace. Customized Fit & Performance means personalized comfort for each wearer, ensuring all-day protection and compliance with safety requirements. (10 Pairs)


- Adjustable nose bridge centers eyes to reduce fatigue. Three-position nose bridge is simple to adjust and keeps eyes centered in the lens, where optical clarity is best. Workers' vision is less strained so they experience less eye fatigue, work more comofrtableyforlonger periods, and can more clearly see their work.
- Self-adjusting nose pads add to worker comfort. Soft, flexible material allows each nose pad to independently conform to the wearer's face, delivering greater comfort, contact and stability.
- Adjustable lens angle improves safety and reduces fogging. Each temple hinge ratchets to seven positions - 30° of custom adjustibility - so lens is angled for both optimal eye protection and ideal space for air circulation.
- Temples micro-adjust for a snug fit and all-day comfort. A proprietary temple design (patent pending) allows workers to adjust temple tension anytime, safely and without removing eyewear. Workers can adjust for personal preference or task at hand - a firmer fit for active work or a lighter fit for general wear.

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