Fall Protection OLD

Frontline HKBAG Polyester Adjustable Drawstring Bag
Regular price$3.00
Frontline ACTLDR ToolGrip 4 lbs Webbing Tool D-Ring Anchor
Regular price$5.00
3M™ Yellow DBI-SALA® D-Ring
Regular price$6.00
3M™ Yellow DBI-SALA® D-Ring
Regular price$6.00
Frontline ROSU03 Stainless Steel Permanent Use Roof Anchor
Regular price$8.00
Frontline ROSU02 Hinged Steel Roof Anchor
Regular price$9.00
Frontline ACTLWB ToolGrip 4 lbs Wrist Tool Lanyard
Regular price$9.00
Regular price$10.00
Regular price$12.00
Frontline RKBAG Polyester Large Duffel Storage Bag
Regular price$12.00
Frontline CSQ184 Steel Quarter Turn-locking Carabiner
Regular price$14.00
Frontline ACTLS222 ToolGrip 11 lbs Twin Tool Lanyard
Regular price$15.00
Frontline ACEL18S D-Ring 18" Extension Lanyard
Regular price$15.00
Frontline CSQ275 Dual Connector Carabiner for Twin SRL's
Regular price$16.00
3M™ DBI-SALA® Shoulder Pad 9502006, Universal
Regular price$18.00

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Personal fall arrest systems stop an employee during a fall from hitting a lower level or structure. The systems consist of an anchorage, connectors, and a full body harness. It may include a lanyard, a lifeline, a deceleration device, or suitable combinations of these. A personal fall restraint system prevents falls by restraining a worker from getting too close to an unprotected edge. This system consists of anchorages, connectors, and a body belt or full body harness. It may include lanyards, rope grabs, and lifelines for that purpose.

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