ANSI Class III Safety Vests

Class 3 garments are worn in inclement weather, under heavy traffic conditions, or when complex backgrounds impair visibility. According to the ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 National Standard, "conspicuity is enhanced by high contrast between the clothing and the ambient background against which it is seen." When Class E garments (trousers) are worn with a Class 2 vest, waistcoat, jacket, or poncho, the overall classification for the ensemble is Class 3. The standard specifies that apparel must be capable of signaling the user's presence visually. Retroreflective trim is intended to provide conspicuity for the user in hazardous situations. Fluorescent lime-yellow trim enhances visibility under any light conditions during the day, while retroreflective trim is brightly visible under illumination by vehicle headlights in low light or dark conditions.

Conspicuity Class 3

  • For pedestrian workers and vehicle operators whose high task loads place them in danger
  • When wearer must be conspicuous through the full range of body motions at a minimum of 390 m (1280 feet)
  • When wearer must be identifiable as a person
  • When workers are exposed to traffic moving at speeds exceeding 50 mph