2024 Super Bowl Sunday Weather Forecast

The Super Bowl Sunday weather forecast for 2024 in Las Vegas indicates a mixture of conditions, including wind, rain, and fluctuating temperatures. Here's a breakdown based on the available sources:

  1. Temperature:

    • The temperature during the Super Bowl Sunday is expected to vary. The daytime high could reach up to 54°F, while the nighttime low may drop to around 47°F [1].
  2. Rainfall Probability:

    • There is a 15% chance of rain on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the forecast as of February 1st [2].
    • Las Vegas has experienced heavy rain and cold temperatures leading up to the Super Bowl, but conditions are expected to improve as the weekend progresses [3][4].
  3. Wind Speed:

    • Wind conditions are forecasted to remain relatively stable, with no significant changes expected during the day or night [1].
  4. Historical Weather Records:

    • Looking at past Super Bowl weather history, the temperature during the game has varied widely. For example, in one instance, the temperature at kickoff was 82°F, making it the warmest Super Bowl ever played [5].
  5. Comparison to Previous Super Bowls:

    • While specific details vary each year, Super Bowl weather forecasts often attract attention due to their potential impact on the game and outdoor events surrounding it [6].

Overall, Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas is expected to feature a mix of weather conditions, including mild temperatures, a slight chance of rain, and stable winds. However, weather forecasts can change, so it's essential to stay updated closer to the event for the most accurate information.


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