Whiting & Davis Metal Mesh Glove

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Size: Medium
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Whiting + Davis by Honeywell A515 Chainex Mesh Glove is a full hand glove with a side slit, dome fastener and anti-microbial polypropylene strap. A three step reversible design allows snap-type closure on polypropylene strap to be removed and glove turned inside out to make the glove suitable for use on either the left or right hand. Bacteria resistant straps are sewn directly onto mesh and are color coded by size to make distribution after laundering easier.

Includes 1 glove.

ANSI Cut Level: 2

- Cut resistant mesh is designed to protect against knife slashes and cuts
- Manufactured from either stainless steel or titanium, mesh is durable, corrosion proof and will withstand the harshest environments
- Safety products made with mesh are easy to clean and sanitize
- A dedicated workshop for repairs that can help extend the life of our products is located in our Massachusetts facility. Choosing Whiting + Davis as your repair center will decrease the risk of faulty rings due to improper repair

- Metal mesh gloves are not cut or puncture proof and are not recommended for use with moving or serrated blades.

- Meat, Fish, Poultry Processing
- Knife and Blade Sharpening/Cleaning
- Veterinary Services
- Pulp & Paper
- Food Service
- Fishing
- Garment Manufacturing
- Animal Control

- Brand Name: Whiting + Davis by Honeywell
- Material: Mesh, Stainless Steel
- Cuff Type: Wrist Strap

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