Sqwincher 47.66 Ounce Powder Pack Powder Concentrate Package Electrolyte Drink (16 Powder Electrolyte Drink - Pack)

SKU: SQW016406-GR
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Flavor: Grape
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When setting out water coolers for your crew, pouring in a convenient Sqwincher Powder Pack gives workers the electrolytes required to stay hydrated. Our great-tasting powder mixes are scientifically formulated to return all those important minerals and fluids lost in the line of duty.



- No Caffeine
- Low Sodium
- Non-Carbonated
- Naturally Flavored


- Sqwincher is the only electrolyte drink specially created for the high heat environment of the industrial workplace. Sqwincher is scientifically formulated to replace important mineral salts and fluids lost during vigorous physical activity.

Note: These SKUS are for 1 Pack = 16 Powder Electrolyte Drink

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