SHOWA Hi-Tech Polyurethane Dipped Gloves (WHITE)

SKU: B13 BO500W-S
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Size: Small
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Seamless 100% nylon gloves are perfect for precise or delicate operations--provide the ultimate touch sensitivity and dexterity. Ideal for electronics, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors--where absolute cleanliness is essential. Polyurethane coating increases grip and abrasion resistance while eliminating finger fatigue associated with finger cots. Also allows you to handle small parts without fingerprint contamination. Coating on palm offers maximum protection and durability. Open weave design keeps your hands cool with freedom of movement. No stray threads to produce lint or dust. Do not use where chemical, electrical or thermal risks exist. Store in a dry place, away from light. Wash at 40°C maximum with a neutral detergent.

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