Gastec Glass Hydrogen Sulfide White To Brown Extra Low Range Detector Tube

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Gastec Glass Hydrogen Sulfide White To Brown Extra Low Range Detector Tube (For Use With Gastec Gas Detection System) (10 Per Box)

Gastec™ Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector Tube features 2 - 10 pump strokes and 1/2 - 1/10 correction factor for 0.25 - 2.5 ppm measuring range, 1 pump strokes and 1 correction factor for 2.5 - 60 ppm measuring range and 1/2 pump strokes and 2 correction factor for 60 - 120 ppm measuring range. Detector tube has sampling time of 1 min per pump stroke for 0.25 - 60 ppm and 30 sec per pump stroke for 60 -120 ppm. It is ideal to detect hydrogen sulfide in air or the industrial areas and environmental atmospheric condition. Detector with 0.1 ppm detecting limit, changes color from White to brown.


Use this tube for detecting Hydrogen sulfide Seine the air or in industrial areas and for determining the environmental atmospheric condition


Industrial areas

When breaking the tube ends, keep away from eye Do not touch the broken glass tubes, broken pieces and reagent with bare hands The sampling time represents the time necessary to draw the air sample through the tube. The tube must be positioned in the desired sampling area for the entire sampling time or until the flow finish indicator indicates the end of the sampling
Product Attributes

» Glass

Measuring Range/Gas/Strokes
» 0.25 - 2.5 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide/10 - 2 Pump Strokes, 2.5 - 60 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide/1 Pump Stroke, 60 - 120 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide/1/2 Pump Stroke

Product Type
» Detector Tube

Gas To Be Measured
» Hydrogen Sulfide

Color Change
» White To Brown

TLV (ppm)
» 10 ppm

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