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Sangean's new compact Table-Top S.A.M.E. Weather Alert Radio is loaded with all the key features. The CL-100 is a Public Alert Certified weather radio and receives all NOAA reports, which informs people about severe weather advisories, monitors and warning conditions, civil emergencies, hazards, and evacuation details, so they can have more time to react before dangerous storms hits the area. When you're in a tornado path, seconds can mean the difference between life and death and that's when the Sangean CL-100 comes into play.

The CL-100 has a graphic LCM (128 * 64 Pixels Graphic) LCD module with excellent display quality and wide viewing angle. It can scroll LCD display of S.A.M.E. event information. In addition, the CL-100 has dimmer and contrast control adjustment for viewing the display in the dark.

It adopts digital signal processing (DSP) chip and features up to 5 station presets for each FM / AM band. Using the preset buttons saves your time when searching for your favorites. The CL-100 has an auto-station-search function. It scans all available radio frequencies and finds the strongest AM/FM signal and is equipped with RBDS capabilities, which the signal is decoded by an RBDS receiver and can provides a range of informational features including Program Service (PS) name, Radio Text (RT) message, Clock Time (CT) and Date.

The CL-100 is a perfect bedside alarm clock. You can set dual alarm times and choose waking to AM / FM radio or HWS (Human Wake-up System) buzzer alarms. There's also a snooze button. In
addition, it can be set sleep timer from 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, to 120 minutes. The radio can be turned off automatically, so you can fall asleep to the music and then later gently awaken you with the news, music or alarm....the bass and treble can be adjusted as well to get the crisp crystal clear
audio sound.

Finding the S.A.M.E. county codes on NOAA's web-site is easy and simply program them into the CL-100 and store up to 25 county codes and easily program them to sound alerts for surrounding counties as well your area's weather forecast... You can also retain the latest 20 event message memories.

The CL-100 has a built-in external alert output jack for other accessories (e.g. hearing/visually impaired, flashing light, in/outdoor siren/alarm). You can also set the date, weekday and time on a digital watch manually or automatically by RBDS CT set

A 3.5mm stereo Auxiliary Input socket is provided on the rear of the CL-100 to allow an audio signal to be fed into the unit from an external audio device such as MP3 or CD player.

The CL-100 can function with either fixed / embedded antennas for great reception of AM / FM / Weather from all directions, or as two external antennas of AM / FM / Weather directionally to zero in or distant or weak stations in remote areas.

Feeling safe is nothing like owning a Sangean CL-100, knowing that you can wake up when danger is approaching.

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