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Quilted Cotton Double Palm Gloves

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Quilted Cotton Double Palm Gloves
Quilted Cotton Double Palm Gloves
Quilted Cotton Double Palm Gloves
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Hot Mill Gloves Heat-resistant cotton gloves protect workers from intermittent exposure to heat. The 2" band top and knuckle strap protect against abrasion and add to performance life of glove. Nap-out palm for extra heat protection. Sold per pair.


- Glove Size
One Size Fits Most

- Material

**For Your Safety*
Nap-In vs. Nap-Out
All cotton fabric used in the production of Hot Mills is napped. Napping is the pulling-up of fibers from the base weave resulting in a fuzzy, raised surface. Nap-In or Nap-Out refers to the direction of the napping, either facing inside or outside. Although the fabrics are equally popular, Nap-In fabric outwears Nap-Out by providing greater abrasion resistance. Nap-Out styles are normally used in hot applications. Nap-In styles are normally used when abrasion is a concern.**

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