Piezo Dynamic Megaphone

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Talk, Siren, and Whistle Modes - Project Loud and Clear up to 900 Yards (5/8 Mile) sound coverage & crowds of over 100! Weatherproof, high impact plastic and steel. 15-watt dynamic megaphone. Energy Efficient and Ultra-Loud!

What is Piezo Dynamic Technology? Piezo Dynamic technology is a revolutionary technique that allows a megaphone to operate more efficiently and with less weight than ever before. Piezo Dynamic Technology utilizes full-sized diaphragms and ceramic wafers to create the full-frequency response and loudness of voice coil speakers, without the use of heavy, cumbersome magnets as in conventional megaphones, significantly reducing weight and current draw.

- Audience Size: Up to 100
- Room Size: Up to 1,000 sq. ft.

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