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OccuNomix - Terry Toppers Snap-On Sweatband

SKU : OCC870B100-01
OccuNomix - Terry Toppers Snap-On Sweatband
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Terry Toppers Snap-On Sweatband This BAND Really Rocks! Our thirsty and thrifty, plush not scratchy, 100% super-absorbing soft terry cotton snap-on sweatband really soaks the competition! Terry Toppers Snap-On Sweatband absorbs without needing to be washed first. Some competitive snap-on sweatband brands need to be washed before they can absorb. Why bother workers with washing before wearing? Save up to 25% or more versus well-known competitive brands. Easy snap-on application. Helps headgear fit more securely. No foam middle. One size. Machine washable. Available in navy and beige.

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