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North Shield Chemical Apron

North Shield Chemical Apron


The North Shield chemical resistant apron is permeation tested against more than 300 chemicals and chemical mixtures, the 2.7 mil lightweight, hypoallergenic 5-layer PE and EVOH laminate demonstrated superior chemical resistance against splashes and spills. Large apron can be easily adjusted using the attached ties.


--2.7 mil, 5-layer PE and EVOH construction provides the same chemical resistance as the Silver Shield®/4H® Gloves
--Does not contain chemical accelerators that can cause allergic reactions
--Made in USA.


*Clothing Type: Apron
*Clothing Size: 33" X 40"
*Material: EVOH, Polyethylene
*Closure: Back Tie
*Length: 45 in
*Thickness: 2.7000 mil
*Brand Name: Silver Shield
*Color: Silver

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