MSA Altair QuickCheck Station Packaged With Span Gas For Use In North American With Altair 4 And Altair 4X Monitors


SKU: MSA10101551ty

The Altair 4 QuickCheck Station performs bump and function tests in less than one minute, significantly trimming daily required preparation time for large Altair 4 Multigas Detector fleets. Keeps costs down with less up-front hardware expense and calibration gas.

- Completes full bump and visual/audible alarm function testing in less han one minute
- Up to two units can link with customized Galaxy® System Cylinder Holder
- Daily bump and function tester saves time and money compared to full-auto calibration
- Results displayed on the GasTest LED; pass/fail LED denotes overall results
- Records time, date and test results within built-in datalog, storing over 500 events

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