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Microflex - Ultra One Latex Exam Gloves - Case

SKU : UL-315CS-S
Microflex - Ultra One Latex Exam Gloves - Case
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For the highest level of protection and durability in powder free latex examination gloves for high-risk environments, rely on Ultra One?? gloves. Strong, durable and comfortable, Ultra One?? gloves offer superior defense against many hazards that you come into contact with daily. With an extended cuff for increased protection, the Ultra One?? glove is a proven performer.

Ultra One gloves are the best choice in a latex for heavy-duty/high-risk environments.

Recommended for use when:
- Added protection is required for extreme environments
- Extra coverage over the wrist and forearm is needed for enhanced safety and security
- Strength is required for your toughest tasks

- Length: 300 mm. / 11.8"
- Cuff Thickness: 7.1 mil.
- Palm Thickness: 9.8 mil.
- Finger Thickness: 13.8 mil.
- Tensile Strength: 21 MPa (Before Aging) / 18 MPa (After Aging)
- Elasticity/Elongation: 750% (Before Aging), 600% (After Aging)
- Reduced Protein Rating: max. 50 g/g

- Material: Latex
- Usage: For single use only
- Type: Non-sterile
- Shape: Ambidextrous
- Color: Natural latex color
- Size: S - XL
- Cuff: Beaded
- Glove Exterior: Textured fingers
- Glove Interior: Polymer-coated, powder-free
- 10 boxes per case, 50 gloves per box

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