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Dura Flock�?� Gloves: Microflex Dura Flock Powder-Free Flock-Lined Nitrile Gloves. Keep Hands Dry, Comfortable, and Protected.
The first and only disposable flock-lined gloves for individuals demanding superior protection, performance, and comfort. Flock-lined with a thin layer of fine cotton to absorb moisture, Dura Flock�?� gloves help keep hands dry for overall better performance. These gloves are revolutionary: they are the first disposable flock-lined nitrile gloves EVER! 8 Mil Nitrile that's 25% thicker than standard disposable gloves for increased durability and superior protection. Fully textured and dark green in color. Exclusive ultra-thin moisture-absorbing flock-lining keeps hands dry. Packed 500 gloves per case = 50 per box times 10 boxes.

- 8 mil nitrile, 25% thicker than standard disposable gloves for increased durability and superior function
- Comfortable to wear for extended periods reducing hand fatigue
- Exclusive ultra thin moisture-absorbing flock-lining keeps hands dry
- Fully textured for a firm, reliable grip
- 100% nitrile, latex-free

- Material: Nitrile
- Sterility: Non-Sterile
- Shape: Ambidextrous
- Color: Green
- Sizes: Small - XX-Large
- Cuff: Standard examination length (9.5"), Beaded
- Glove Exterior: Fully textured
- Usage: For single use only.
- Packaging: 50 gloves by weight per dispenser box, 10 boxes per case

- Length (mm): min. 270
- Palm Width (mm): 95 ?� 4
- Cuff Thickness (mm): min. 0.15
- Palm Thickness (mm): min. 0.21
- Finger Thickness (mm): min. 0.20
- Tensile Strength (MPa): min. 14
- Elongation (%): min. 550
- Powder Mass: max. 10 mg/dm2 as per ASTM D6124
- Protein Level: N/A

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