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Medline - Aloetouch - 12" Nitrile Exam Powder Free Gloves - Box

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Medline - Aloetouch - 12" Nitrile Exam Powder Free Gloves - Box
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Aloetouch Powder-Free 12-in. Nitrile Exam Gloves Provide Additional Protection for High-Risk Procedures

These Aloetouch Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves offer durable protection combined with the moisturizing benefits of aloe. The 12-in. extended cuff provides extra protection between the cuff and sleeve. Textured for a secure grip. Powder-free and latex-free. Enjoy the high level of barrier protection of nitrile with comfort and tactile sensitivity similar to latex. Tested and approved for use with chemotherapy drugs, formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde and chlorhexidine gluconate.

- 50 gloves per box
- Color/Texture: Green/Textured
- Glove Length: 300 mm. (12")
- Palm Thickness: 0.17 mm. (6.7 mil.)
- Finger Thickness: 0.19 mm. (7.5 mil.)
- Tensile Strength Before Aging (MPa): 24
- Tensile Strength After Aging (MPa): 23
- Elongation Before Aging: 729%
- Elongation After Aging: 680%
- Viral Penetration Test: Passed

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