MCR Safety Unsupported Butyl Glove,14" 5 Mil L

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Size: L
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MCR Guard has been battle tested in conflicts around the world and offers excellent permeation resistance to most acids, aldehydes, alcohols, amides, bases, esters, and ketones. These gloves are produced domestically with a unique solution dipped process. No other process can achieve such a tight molecular structure, the key to chemical impermeability. These chemical resistant butyl gloves are made with the finest Butyl rubber for outstanding protection. The CP05 is a 5 mil smooth finish glove that features a rolled cuff and is 14 inches in length for added protection. MCR Safety's Butyl glove options are anti-static. If you are looking for the best butyl rubber gloves, look no further than MCR Safety! Click here to see all butyl rubber glove options.


  • 5 mil smooth finish
  • Anti-static
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Component materials comply with all relevant federal regulations for food contact
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extra long, 14 inch with gauntlet cuff
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