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MCR Safety PredaStretch Red/Black PVC/Nitrile blend

MCR Safety PredaStretch Red/Black PVC/Nitrile blend
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The PredaStretch™ MG9648 features an 18 gauge seamless nylon shell with a PVC nitrile bi-polymer double dip. The first layer is constructed with a red PVC nitrile bi-polymer, while the second layer is a black sandy finish PVC nitrile bi-polymer. The sandy texture on the outer coating will help increase the gripping power of this glove.  This flexible 18 gauge shell combined with the flexible bi-polymer coatings provide superior dexterity, fit, and feel when compared to similar style gloves.  The 12 Inch gauntlet cuff provides additional coverage and protection.  Looking for the best PVC nitrile work gloves?  Look no further than MCR Safety!


  • 12 inch gauntlet cuff
  • 18 gauge seamless nylon shell
  • Abrasion resistant gloves
  • Black sandy finish on palm for better grip
  • PredaStretch™ is flexible and provides good dexterity
  • PVC nitrile bi-polymer coating

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