MSA Ammonia Sensor With Alarms @ 10/75 PPM For Use With ALTAIR 5X Multi-Gas Detector

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MSA Xcell NH3 Sensor Replacement Kit is designed for use with Altair® 5X multigas detectors. Sensor with 0 - 100 ppm range features 1 ppm resolution and offers long life due to patent-pending non-consuming reaction. Sensor recovers from repeated exposures for lesser replacements. It provides industry-leading response time that saves lives and time.


Long life: > 3 Year life with patent pending non consuming reaction outlasts competition by more than 50%
Resilience: XCell NH3 sensors recover from repeated exposures, meaning fewer sensor replacements
Response: Industry leading response time not only helps to save lives, but your time and money as well

2 - years warranty
Product Attributes

Gas To Be Measured
» Ammonia, NH3

Product Type
» Sensor

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