Fuzzy Duck Work Gloves

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Fuzzy Duck Featuring our exclusive, breathable, PVC coating on a soft, comfortable, two-piece jersey liner, cool and abrasion resistant Fuzzy Duck outwears and replaces cotton, light-to-medium-weight leather and goatskin gloves in a wide variety of applications. While not liquid-proof, Fuzzy Duck's textured coating provides an excellent grip and minimizes absorption of water, oil and grease. Although not a true anti-vibration (AV) glove, Fuzzy Duck tends to absorb and minimize shock, too. Available in four sizes, Fuzzy Duck is launder-able and printed on both hands for easy identification and pairing after laundering. Sanitized.

- Breathable PVC coating.
- Textured finish.
- Fully coated
- Cotton jersey liner.
- Sanitized.
- Slip-on cuff.

- Alternative to cotton and leather work gloves.
- Cool, comfortable, soft, flexible, durable.
- Abrasion resistant.
- Excellent grip.

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