Amerex 5 Pound Stored Pressure Carbon Dioxide 5-B:C Fire Extinguisher For Class B And C Fires With Chrome Plated Brass Valve, Wall Bracket And Horn

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Amerex® 5 Pound Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher with wall mount bracket operates effectively at the temperature range of -22 to 120 deg F. Electrically non-conductive fire extinguisher featuring all metal valve construction is effective for class B flammable liquids. Aluminum cylinder fire extinguisher measuring 17 3/4" X 8 1/4" X 5 1/4" is rust free and 30% lighter than steel cylinders. Fire extinguisher with large loop stainless steel pull pin features long lasting high gloss polyester powder paint. It discharges carbon dioxide as a white cloud of snow that eliminates oxygen and puts out a fire. It has a discharge range of 3 - 8' and discharge time of 10 sec. Fire extinguisher can be used on flammable liquids and energized electrical equipment. It is UL listed and FM approved.

Rugged construction
5 year warranty
All metal valve construction
Rust free aluminum cylinders
Durable high gloss polyester powder paint
Temperature range -22° F to 120° F
User friendly
Meets many hospital medical equipment requirements
Large loop stainless steel pull pin
Bar coded and bi-lingual labels
USCG Approved with Bracket Listed on UL Label
Manufactured and Tested to ANSI/UL Standards UL 5B:C CAN/ULC-S503 - ANSI/UL154 And CAN/ULC-S508 - ANSI/UL711 Tested ISO-9001/ISO-14001 Certified USCG Approved with Bracket Listed on UL Label
Product Attributes

Product Type
» Fire Extinguisher
» 5 Pound
Extinguisher Agent
» Carbon Dioxide
Extinguisher Rating
» 5-B:C
Extinguisher Type
» Stored Pressure
Fire Class
» Class B, Class C
» Aluminum
Size Description
» 8.25" W X 5.25" D X 17.75" H

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